Friday 23rd September 2016

Sunshine again today, September is turning out to be a lovely month, not as warm, overall, as August but still nice. Laura and Sam are going to me this weekend which will be nice, I think they are worrying a bit about how I am managing, but I’m  doing well, Sam also wants to make sure she does my tablets!!!! My oxycodone is now down from 200mg twice a day to 100mg twice a day, this will come down again to 80mg twice a day next Monday. I’m so glad that the pain killers are coming down especially the morphine as this is the major cause of the constipation that I am getting, and the pain associated with it.

I saw my GP on Wednesday as I have been a temporary patient while staying with Sam. She is very good, we went through what had happened, and the drugs that I am now on, making sure that they are all on the system so I can get them when needed. Boots in Sherborne are really amazing, I needed a prescription after my appointment and Sam went in for me, they asked how I was and then bumped me to the front of the queue, they have already said that they will deliver to me any day of the week, there are some advantages about living in a small town!!! 😀

Yet another nice day today, I have been reducing my pain killers but I may have reached the limit for the moment, we will wait and see, it could be the constipation or it could be my liver, or maybe something else!!!! 😀 I will stay on this level for a few days and see what happens, it may just be a hiccup.

I just have to take each day as they come, it could be I have done too much, who knows, what I do know is I won’t let it get to me, think positive about everything. I have both Sam and Laura coming down to me this weekend so it should be good. They will get in some shopping for me for the next week, I hope the weather stays good, its not so warm but it is nice to see the sunshine.

Next post will appear soon 😀😀😀

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