Friday 2nd September 2016

Hi all, well here we are the start of yet another month in the rest of my life!! I have had a nice time over the last few days, making the most of the last of the August sunshine, for me that is important, I just want to enjoy every day as it comes, this is something that a lot of people don’t do, me included until I was diagnosed with cancer.

imageI hope we have an Indian summer so we can all enjoy more warm weather, although the weather isn’t everything, there are so many other things to enjoy out there, things I have mentioned before in my blog. We are entering Autumn which is a really beautiful time in the UK, watching the leaves change colour, that colour change really is fantastic and it seems to happen so quickly!!!! I know I have missed this time of year, it passes very quickly and before you know it the leaves are gone, being so busy as I have been, I just missed these changes most years. This year I will make the most of it, making sure I go and watch these fabulous changes, around the coastline things change as there well, living in Sherborne, I am lucky enough to be able to enjoy the countryside changes as well as the coastline. Hopefully, I will get some photos so look out for them on the blog, my camera has seen a lot of use since I bought it earlier this year 😀 , I will post some of these soon, covering all sorts of things, the Red Arrows in Weymouth, The Great Dorset Steam Fair and general countryside scenes as they change. The picture on the left is Portland covered in cloud seen from Durdle Door

Yesterday I went to to see my Orthopaedic consultant to see how my shoulder is improving, to me it feels pretty good, it always seems that I am going for hospital appointments these days, but things are improving I think, when I saw Dr Shiu, my oncologist a couple of weeks ago, he implied that he didn’t expect me to still be going now, when the chemo didn’t work I think he thought that maybe another few months …………..!!!!!! I am a stubborn bugger as everyone keeps telling me, I stay positive, I make the most of life and I’m still here, long may it go on!!!!!! I intent to beat the odds and still be here to see Laura complete her Phd, if I can!! My shoulder seems to be fine, and I have another appointment in 6 weeks time with the consultant, mind you he did pull my arm about a bit and it feels worse today tan it did yesterday. 😀 I am getting some gentle physiotherapy soon from a physio at the hospice, so I hope that helps more

Look out for another post over the weekend and hopefully some more photos, I hope everyone has a great weekend!!😎

2 thoughts on “Friday 2nd September 2016

  1. Hi Michael, I’m a summer person I’ve just been reading that it’s going to get warmer again next week so hopefully we will get that Indian summer, maybe the sun on your shoulder will help have a lovely weekend Liz Phillips

  2. Hi Michael

    Thanks for today’s blog. It is good to see that things are going well and you are enjoying each day. I am looking forward to seeing the photo’s . I am sure being positive is helping you throughout this illness and you are certainly an inspiration to others in this situation. Having said that, we could all take a leaf out of your book and live life to the full. Enjoy the weekend Michael – hope the sun shines! :)

    Kind regards

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