Monday 19th September 2016

Hi again all, it has been a good few days since I last posted. I have settled back in to my house nicely and have a good routine, it is frustrating though, that I don’t have the energy to walk 5 minutes to Sainsburys to get any shopping, let alone carry it back. The physio has said that it will be at least a year to get that energy back, thats not taking into account the fatigue from PSC, so I have been to look at an electric scooter with a view to getting one to help. I never thought I would be in this situation of “needing or requiring” an electric scooter. I can walk so I shouldn’t need one, the trouble is I can do the walking to get there, but I cant always do anything when I do get there, let alone get back, it does make me feel a bit of a fraud but what else can I do?

The girls have now booked a short break for us in Herefordshire for half term so I am looking forward to that and we are looking at possibly going to a Christmas market in Bruges just before Christmas. The city itself looks fabulous, we are taking the car and scooter and going to go through the tunnel, something Sam and Laura haven’t done before. I think it will be a great few days immediately before Christmas, markets, looking around the city, what a treat!!!! 😀

I have said this before but I do have a great GP, I have just moved home so I need to see my GP to go through what has been happening, Sam would like to come with me but her time is limited being a teacher, on Wednesday when my GP is in, she can only make 11.30, I spoke to the GP this morning to see if it was possible and she immediately said yes we will organise that, so 11,30 will be fine, no hesitation she was going to organise it, I wonder how many other GP’s would do that?

I am either very lucky with my medical and support workers or they are just different from the picture that some people paint, either way I am grateful for their help. The rest of today I have been reading and dozing, trying hard to recharge my batteries, not sure if I take AAA or AA at the moment but they are re-charging 😀😀!!!

Look out for the next post……………………

3 thoughts on “Monday 19th September 2016

  1. Hiya Wedding now over! Phew!! tyring to look for your recent Blog but this is the last one I can find. Hope you are ok?
    Do let me know
    Much love

  2. Hi Michael

    So pleased you are home and arranging some breaks away – they should be fun. Bruges is lovely at Christmas time, enjoy and don’t forget to have some of their renowned chocolates! Yum yum :). Your positivity shines through as always – cheering to hear all your news. Keep up the good work.

    Kind wishes

  3. Hi Michael – don’t worry about having a scooter. It helps save your energy for other things. I have two in my family who have one. My sister’s an amputee due to diabetes but walks her dog using it. In the home she does everything walking. My daughter in law has bad MS with awful shakes but manages her scooter well. She has to be in a wheelchair outdoors.
    Go and buy your scooter and enjoy all the exciting things you’ve lined up.
    Best wishes
    Pauline x

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