Sunday 4th September 2016

Hi all, the weather down her is not so nice today, it as been raining and it is a bit cooler. I thought everything was going in the right direction until I received a phone call late yesterday afternoon saying that my CRP was raised again!!!!!! So, instead of being discharged from “hospital at home” yesterday as was hoped for, they were back in this morning taking OBS and are back again tomorrow to take a blood test 😱. If the CRP is raised again, they have to decide if it is my liver or my shoulder infection, it just doesn’t seem to stop, one day maybe!!!! My shoulder has been more painful since seeing the doctor last Thursday and manipulating it, maybe it has disturbed something, if it has it is no bad thing as I just want to get this sorted for good.

I had the blood results back today and the CRP has gone down again!!!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Sunday 4th September 2016

  1. Hi Michael, pleased to hear the CRP level is down, but sorry to hear the shoulder is causing you some pain. Hope it feels better soon. The weather is due to return to warm and sunny later this week so something to look forward to and perhaps you can enjoy another outing with your camera. Particularly liked the War 1 cannon as I have not seen one before, We have quite a few steam fairs here in Lincolnshire but I have not seen a cannon before. Thank you. Would love to be able to replicate the waterlilies in watercolour but I am not that good!!! Still, I enjoy trying to create a masterpiece! Ha ha

    Enjoy your week ahead :)

    Kind regards

  2. Hiya

    Well you poor thing, you don’t know whether you are coming or going!! At east it seems good news at the moment.

    You’r amazing the way you handle all that is thrown at you and I know you say you don’t ‘have any choice, and in a way you don#t but you do it with such bravery and style!!
    Hang on in there.

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