Sunday 11th September 2016

Well, what a change in the weather, it pouring down here this morning, what a shame for the Hospice Fete!! Hopefully though it will clear up a bit by lunchtime, tats what the weather forecast say anyway 😀 We will be going show our support so umbrellas at the ready.

It was really ice to have a pretty god nights sleep last night, it hasn’t been too bad over the last week or so but it felt a bit more natural last night, I still have to wake up at 8am for my meds though, thats a bit of a pain!!! 😀 It gives a good start to the day, I slept in until about lunchtime on Wednesday and Thursday but yesterday and today I feel ready to go when I wake at 8, yesterday I did have to doze most of the afternoon, I hope that doesn’t happen today, fingers crossed.

It is looking brighter, so when Laura gets here we will be off to maybe a dry Fete.

Well true to form, the skies cleared for a while and we had some lovely sunshine, and is was so hot and muggy!!! Thankfully for the hospice a lot more people appeared to turn out in the afternoon than in the morning, I hope the raised a decent amount of money.

We have been talking about the more morbid things of illness today, about my funeral, I want to make sure all of that is in place now so the girls don’t have to worry, I don’t want to spend fortunes on one, one suggestion is for my ashes is to go up in a firework or two, very fitting I think!!!! 😀 Anyway, we will sort all this out soon so it is all in place for when the time comes. It is a morbid thing to do but t has to be done, so many people leave all this because they don’t want to talk about it.

Look out for more in the next couple of days 🙂

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