Tuesday 13th September 2016

Hi again all, London may be getting temperatures of 31 today with lovely sunshine but here in Dorset it is warm but we are having a thunderstorm with torrential rain 😀 I suppose we can’t all have the same sunny weather!!

Yesterday was warm but great to dry washing, it is September I suppose, it should be much cooler than this. I have a relaxing day yesterday, once the washing was done and hung out, I spent the day reading or watching TV, I didn’t have the energy to do anything else!! That is my problem at the moment, energy!!!! I don’t have very much, I can walk so far and be OK, but if I walk any further I am shattered for the next couple of days, the girls are thinking about getting me an electric scooter for when I want to walk off road and it is difficult for them to push the ordinary wheel chair. I do want to make the most of every day, and even if I can’t walk then I can get in to the countryside on a scooter, thats not easy for me as I have always been so independent and have enjoyed going for walks.

A short while ago I would never have entertained getting an electric scooter, but now it seems like it will be the only way to enjoy things. Sam is back at work now, but the three of us are looking at trying to get away for a long weekend or even a few days at half term.

I have the physio coming today to help with my shoulder, it is nearly back to normal but there are certain positions that are still very difficult. This thunderstorm is still rumbling on, its been about half an hour now, but at least the rain appears to have stopped!!

I am still managing to reduce my opiates and not take any back up pain relief, I am pleased about that, the opiates do cause constipation, but that is difficult to control, to makes life uncomfortable. I’m sure there are people reading this blog that can emphasise with that, it is one of the side effects of opiate pain killers. Hopefully I will soon be driving again, get the pain killers reduced, my tiredness reduces and I will be able to drive, I do miss that independence of jumping in to the car to go where I want to, just to go and see friends or do some shopping, but never mind I will soon be there!!! Keeping weight on is another problem I am having, I have a good appetite but instead of putting weight on I am still losing it, apparently that is the cancer that is taking the goodness, or so I am told, BUT I will beat it and eat so much that the cancer will have had enough and I get to put on weight!!!! 😀

The physio was pleased with the progress with my shoulder so all go there, we chatted about energy or lack of it and she has suggested that I walk for 5 mins twice a day 3 days a week, I need to walk to get my energy back but that could take a year or more. I mentioned about an electric scooter and she thought it was a great idea, make the most of the energy that I have got, so being able to “drive” to the shops and then shop would be much better, all in all a good day.

Look aout for the next post, I feel better now, so hopefully I can put something up every couple of days 😀😀

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