Wednesday 10th August 2016

Hi again all, yet another lovely day today, the sun is shining here in Dorset, I haven’t  ventured outside yet but it looks warm as well!! I didn’t have a very good night last night, well it was OK up until about 4.30 am when the pains started again across my back. I had to call Sam in for the pain killers as I now have tendonitis in my right shoulder, which makes it very difficult to dispense the Oxynorm, which is done with a syringe. So, sadly when I have to get up because of the pain so does she at the moment because of my shoulder, what a hassle!!!!! Even typing isn’t that easy but I do try to get the blog done, I must investigate the voice thing on my computer, hopefully I can get that to work then all I have to do is talk to it 😀

I have spent a lot of today trying to sort out dictation on my laptop, at last it is working, but I’m not brave enough to use it yet, tomorrow will be the test day!!!! Apart from that I have been out for some fresh air, had a wander round Dorchester market and had lunch in town. the funniest thing was when Sam asked if I wanted to go to the village shop, about half a mile away. I said yes so she pushed me in the wheel chair, a one mile round trip with some quite steep hills 😀😀 It will help her to keep fit anyway!

Hopefully I will add another post tomorrow using this dictation thing on the laptop, and I hope that I will get a good nights sleep!!

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